Germany Must Exit The Euro Or Remain Bound To A Corpse - Leading German EU Expert Beck

Quote of the day:

"The euro has benefited the German wholesale and export industries, some major banks, and no one else in Germany. The euro rescue expropriated the German savers and ruined the German taxpayers. Since the euro is subsidizing these industries and the politicians do not want to admit to the fiasco of the monetary union, the Federal Government continues to hide from taxpayers and savers that even with a horror end now, it would be much better than with a euro horror without an end...The ECB and the entire West German political oligopoly substitute religion with the blessing of the European Union and the totem of the euro which is actually a major threat to the global economy. They maintain a system that will ultimately survive only as a soft currency area where stagflation comes at the expense of solidarity...With the euro and the rescue fund in place, Germany will remain bound to a corpse. The necrophiliac Federal Government would do better to limit its losses."

Dr. Gunnar Beck, leading German EU expert and legal philosopher, Professor of EU law and legal theory at the University of London. (Source: Handelsblatt)

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